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My Donor NYC Egg Donation My Donor NYC Egg Donation
  My Donor NYC Egg Donation My Donor NYC Egg Donation

We are New York's premier egg donor matching agency, and whether you are a potential egg donor or intended parent, you will find the information you need about third party reproduction, the donor process, compensation and the IVF experience.

If you are a potential recipient, you may have learned about us through your fertility clinic. We have experience working with people at all stages on this path. You may feel most comfortable starting out with a meeting or a phone conversation. Or you may begin by registering to access the Donor Search by creating a user name and password. Alternatively, you may prefer not to see images of your donor. We are glad to assist you with matching you with your Oocyte donor, in the way you feel most comfortable. It is important for you to know that all our donors are prescreened. They undergo an extensive application, interview and testing process. They receive counseling on the issues around donating their eggs.

As a potential egg donor, we thank you for your interest and commitment to helping someone build a family. Please go to Donor Information, and you will find the online application. We will review it and respond quickly. You may then be asked to make an appointment. Once you have cleared that evaluation, we will request photos to post on our Donor Search.

We encourage everyone to look at the Resources section. There is helpful information for both intended parents and potential egg donors.

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